The Digital World: I - Bitcoin: from history to real life




Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Regulation


Bitcoin can be considered as a medium exchange restricted to online markets, it is not a
unit of account and a store of value, and thus cannot be considered as a money. Bitcoin
value is very volatile and traded for different prices in different exchanges platforms,
and thus can be used for arbitrage purpose. His behavior can be associated with a
high volatile stock, and most transactions in Bicoin are aimed to speculative instruments. The high volatility in Bitcoin and the occurrence of speculative bubble depend
on positive sentiment and confidence about Bitcoin market: several variables my be
considered as indicators (volume of transactions, number of transactions, number of
Google research, wikipedia requests). The star of the crypto-currencies has attained
the 19 716 dollars in December 2017 and decreased to 6707 dollars March 29, 2018. In
capitalization is at this time the 30th mondial currency. We explain some limits and
interests of the Bitcoin system and why the central bankers and regulators need to
take some decision on its existence, and in a second paper we suggest what could be
the possible evolution of the Bitcoin Blockchain.



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